Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inside Les Madeleine's kitchen: the final week

With dad's surgery coming up and the orientation/training for my job at Scheels, I made this my last week at Les Madeleine's.  During this short period, I learned a lot about production, utilization of leftover products, how bakeries work in general, storage of food items, etc.  Definitely something I can put to use at Scheels.

These are some of the stuff I helped put together...

Peach Charlotte.  Peach Bavarian cream, topped with candied ginger.
Yet another plus side of working at a bakery is the access to leftover pastries :)  They still taste excellent, just not 'fresh' enough to sell.
There were some strawberry charlottes that have been sitting on the shelf a little too long.  They are given to the workers as a snack, but there were a few extras that they let me take home.

On my last day, I got to assemble the Linzer cookies.

The cookies are baked, and the bottom half is smeared with raspberry jam.  The top half is dusted with powdered sugar before being placed on top.  This forms a little 'window' of the red jam.

There was also a special order of the boxed desserts.  It contained an assortment of about 7 varieties of pastries, all mini-sized.  Since most of the pastries were too big to be placed in the box, they had to be specially made.
Here are the mini-poptarts, being assembled.  They look like raviolis.  
 So that was my last day at Les Madeleine's. It was fun and I learned a lot!

Next topic: dad's surgery.  It's going to be a six-hour surgery, accompanied with a 10~14 days of hospital stay.  Mom and I are still deciding what to do in the meantime...

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